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Tea light candles: some decorating tips

Tea light candles are extremely popular candles. They are used for decorative purposes, for votive purposes, and for general mood and lighting. Tea light candles tend to be quite small, usually half an inch or an inch tall. They are small and cylindrical in shape, and tend to come in an aluminum casing. They have a variety of different uses, and look great in many different situations.

Tea light candles can be bought in a range of different flavors and scents. Popular scents and flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and lemon. Because tea lights are so small, they can be placed anywhere around the home. They often don't need a specially shaped vessel as they're so small. Because they come in their own casing, you can also often get away with not needing to place them on a dish or holder. This is because they don't tend to drip wax. Tea lights are a great little lighting idea as they're so easy to place and because they're self contained. Scatter them around your home if you're entertaining. The scent that they give off can be a wonderful calming influence. However, even an unlit tea candle can give off a subtle scent. Consider placing unlit scented and flavored candles in areas such as your bathroom. These will small lovely and subtle, and they'll look great, too.

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Tea lights are great for mood lighting. Try placing a tea light in a decorative holder of any size. Their small size means that they can be placed in most areas. They'll also cast a subtle and gentle light, which is great for decorative candle holders. You can also put tea lights in vases or in large bowls. You can place them on top of decorative class beads or around flower settings. They'll add a beautiful and soft touch to any decorative arrangement, making your room look welcoming and homely.

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Tea lights can also be used in place of more traditional candelabra. Place them in rows or in small rings on your dinner table between guests. You can also place them on cake stands or similar stands on your table, creating a tiered effect. Tea lights will add a gentle appearance to your table. Gentle, soft lighting is always more welcome in relaxed or romantic dining situations than harsh overhead lights that can add glare and can overwhelm.
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Tea lights can also be used to boil incense. Simply pour some incense in a small dish, and balance it on a stand above the tea light. The warmth from the candle will warm up the incense, giving off its scent. However, because the oil is not directly burning, the scent will be fairly soft and subtle. There are a variety of different essential oils that can be used in tandem with a tea light. Simply shop around at your local homewares store or online for somewhere that will sell candle holders or incense holders that you can use.
Tea light candles are very versatile and can add a lot to your home, so keep them in mind when you're decorating.

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